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Education is significant in building the future of a nation and we use research to address the challenges that most Ghanaian educational institutions and communities encounter. The following are a few of the opportunities we have created through our non-profit organization, OBENE INC.

  • Supported over 160 Educators
  • Free Professional Development Trainings
  • Local Business Partnerships
  • Donations to Local Schools
  • Entrepreneurship Trainings
  • Increased Educators Performances
  • Supported other Non-profits
  • Community impact in Ghana

Dr. Akua Obeng

Founder of OBENE INC.

160 +

Educators Impact

5 +

Business Partnerships

50 +

Projects Completed

50 +


Our Services

What Service We Offer

We offer a variety of services ranging from improve educators performances in the classrooms to impacting students and local businesses.

Professional Development

We offer trainings ranging from Canva, Conducting Research and many more.

Small Business-School Impact

Our Small Business-School Impact Projects brings together local business and schools in Ghana.

Sanitary Pads and Socks Project

Through this products, we help end lack of sanitary products among young girls in low income communities.

Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneur expects meets young business owners

Food Item Donation

We love to donate food items to low income students.

School Backpack Project

Join us on this upcoming project!

Community Impact

See Our Latest Project

Small Business-School Impact Project

Partnering with local businesses to impact low income schools

Sanitary and Socks Project

Donating sanitary products to young girls to help end stigma and shame of lack for pad for their menstruation. 

Canva Trainings

We create awareness among educators and professionals on how they can create simple graphic designs using Canva.

Participants’ Feedback

Our Clients Reviews

DSP Bolfrey

Enhancing Cyber-Security Proficiency through Tailored Professional Tutoring

I recently had the privilege of engaging in OBENE INC’s professional tutoring forum dedicated to cyber-security. This forum offered an illuminating journey into the diverse spectrum of cyber threats, ranging from various types of attacks orchestrated by hackers to the intricate methods employed in executing these attacks.

The depth of understanding provided by the forum on the nuances of each attack type and their operational mechanisms was invaluable.

Dennis Danful

I am Dennis Kwame Danful. I hold an MPhil, MSc, BSc, and LCM all in the field of Marketing. I’m a Brand Strategist, customer care guru, and a Researcher.

OBENE INC. has been of a great help to me through their Zoom lectures on Research. It has broadened my horizons and now I can do my analysis without any challenge.

Sequel to the above, OBENE INC. has also helped in diverse ways and I pray that the NGO booms in the highest level. Long live OBENE INC. Long live everyone.

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